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The Imperialist monster is overjoyed at the fascist takeover of the Ukraine. Don't be fooled by the corporate media or the left-liberals who masquerade as real leftists, while supporting this fascist takeover. We are now at a turning point in human history. Triumphant imperialism has smashed country after country, ever since the overthrow of the USSR. All this while the imperialist monster is claiming it has no money for Social Security, for education and for public services!
Isn't it time to say to this capitalist monster: "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"
Time is overdue to end sectarianism in the Leninist movement.  Only a revived Leninist movement can lead the workers to victory!
Please check out (on this website) the video and the book entitled "Dialectical Materialism vs. the New Physics". Dialectical Materialism is the Marxist scientific methodology that you need to master.
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